Momentum Weblog

Yes, just like everyone else on the planet I maintain my own weblog.

The first incarnation of my weblog, Sleeping on Roads, opened to un unsuspecting public (ie, one or two friends) in August 2003. I used the b2evolution blogging software to maintain the blog. It's a pretty versatile piece of blogging kit, but in order to present the sort of blog I had in mind, I had to do a substantial amount of tinkering under the hood. It was getting to the stage where I spent more time rewriting the blog software than actually writing blog entries, so another solution had to be found.

Well, I had actually already found the solution. I'd been running the Movabletype blogging software for a short while to provide my friend Jeanette with a blogging solution. It was now time to make the switch myself.

My new weblog was relaunched in January 2004 and, I'm pleased to say, is updated a lot more regularly than the old one. There's no dominant theme or subject matter, I just warble on about anything that's caught my interest on any particular day. For some bizarre reason it's attracting about 3,000 readers a month.

Some of the more obscure/amusing Google searches that have brought people to Momentum include:

  • elijah wood autechre
  • was the fib doing there work on september 11h
  • kirsten dunst girlie (bleep) list
  • fucking ipod
  • furry firefox theme