The Northern Heights

The Northern Heights, featuring the 4th Doctor, is my contribution to the Short Trips: Life Science Doctor Who anthology.

Publication Details

Life Science

Short Trips: Life Science

Edited by John Binns

Published by Big Finish (2004)

ISBN: 1-84435-047-9

Hardback, 14.99

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Once, we believed our lives were sacred, that we had souls. Now we know we are mere machines; genetic data. We are science.

But even as we learn, the properties of life remain uncertain. How does life acquire consciousness, or rights? Does a robot dream? If a person transforms into an oak tree, is it science, or the work of gods? Did the Victorians find a way to resurrect the dead?

To science, such questions are invitations to explore. Who better to explore with, than the Doctor?

The stories:

Reviews for The Northern Heights

Lawrence Conquest

"The Northern Heights by Mark Stevens continues the high quality, with the 4th Doctor battling a Lovecraftian being from another dimension in the London Underground. A well-written tale, Stevens skilfully gives the impression of a broader scope than the minimal page count would suggest by use of excerpts from an 'after the fact' report on the incident, while the 2nd person narrative is suitably moody. I'm not entirely sure how this story fits into the theme of 'life science', but it's a damn good tale nonetheless.


"Standout highlights: Primitives, The Northern Heights, The Reproductive Cycle."

Author's Notes

At the time of writing (March 2004) Short Trips: Life Science has yet to be published, so I'm keeping tight lipped about the story for now!