Fear of Corners

Fear of Corners is my contribution to 2003's Bernice Summerfield anthology, Life During Wartime

On this page you'll find publication details, the blurb and some brief notes.

Publication Details

Life During Wartime

Professor Bernice Summerfield - Life During Wartime

Edited by Paul Cornell

Published by Big Finish (2003)

ISBN: 1-84435-062-2

Hardback, 14.99

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The Braxiatel Collection has been occupied by the Fifth Axis. This shouldn't have happened: Brax picked this place to be safe, and surely he knows the history of time and space?

Bernice and her friends find themselves living under a military government. Bev joins the resistance. Adrian is thrown into a prison camp for aliens. Jason finds a comfortable little niche for himself in the new administration. Bernice's half-human son, Peter, is now under threat every minute of every day.

Bernice finds herself caught in the middle of the occupation, her old friends, and her desperate need to protect her child.

Over 300,000 Bernice Summerfield novels sold in ten years!

25 brand new short stories all about Benny and her extended "family": Jason, her ex-husband and all-round git; Irving Braxiatel, enigmatic owner of The Braxiatel Collection, a planetoid which houses a fantastic art and artefact gallery; Bev Tarrant, art-thief and adventurer; Adrian Wall, the Killoran architect and builder and father of Peter, Benny's son. These are the tales of how they, and the others that surround them, cope under a military occupation. How they face life during wartime...

The stories:

Author's Notes

Paul Cornell was kind enough to invite me back to pitch for the third Bernice Summerfield anthology, Life During Wartime. No more competition entries this time round -- now I was pitching with the big boys (and girls). Thankfully my story hit the mark. Once again, the writing process was pretty painless and the first draft was accepted with no rewrites required. Paul made a few minor line edits, mainly to the last few paragraphs, to help tie things into the anthology's bigger picture.

I'll update this page with some detailed background notes, comments from some of the other writers, and the original pitch once Life During Wartime has been out a little while longer.